2020 a Year in Review

The Pandemic that closed the world, and life as we know it. It would be difficult to reflect back on this year without acknowledging some basic truths. Here are four of them.

- We are all scared of what may lay ahead for us.

- We are all suffering from some form of stress right now. Due to segregation from one another.

- We are all feeling some form of financial strain or fear regarding finances and what to expect in the future.

- We are all feeling......

Sounds so very simple, doesn't it? However, the realization that we are all feeling something on a much different level than we were before is quite astounding don't you think?

Choices were made for us as a part of the whole, Country, province, county, city, and well pretty much anyone in a place of authority. At least that is how it felt. Not all choices were agreeable to all people.

Darwen and I had some choices to make as to the direction of our incredible creations. The wonderful people that have been with us since the beginning and the many we have met and helped along the way. We adapt or die so to speak. So we adapted to the changing times and needs of our community and business across Canada as a whole.

" Always seek advice from the best "

Moving forward meant learning more about advertising, media, what the different platforms are, etc..... Definitely not my area of expertise. We hired an incredible up and coming Photographer, Digital Artist, Web site Designer / IT Person? save my sanity Chantelle Lambert. An incredible Fempraneur, Empowering Women and People from all walks of life.

We could not have done this without Chantelle guiding us through the many changes that needed to occur.

We began to navigate through the process of what a small storefront business needs to do to survive in a digital world. First and foremost was our desire to continue to help people in our community and all over this wonderful country of ours. Let me tell you it is one heck of a learning curve for two people who until now had very little to no knowledge of the digital world on a social media scale, mind-blowing is all I can say.

We made the necessary changes to our store and began focusing more on the digital side. Improving all of our social media sites as well as our website. Providing more education on hemp as well as medical cannabis and their many uses for a better, healthier life, pain management, mental health issues, and the list goes on. Breakthroughs are being made every day in the hemp, medical hemp, and medical cannabis industries. We have links to connect you to Project CBD an educational website that facilitates education for the masses on Hemp, medical hemp, and medical cannabis. We believe that education is key to living a better healthier pharmaceutical-free life.

" Knowledge is Power "

As the year progressed so did we. The sun started to shine more often and we could again socialize and be with the people we care about. It felt like the grip was loosening, allas only for a short while.

Our Seniors have felt the brunt of this pandemic. Being locked away unable to connect with family and friends. What a frightening experience for both the Seniors and the families to go through. Never had any one of them felt so utterly defenseless and alone. If anything I hope this has taught people how precious life is and the people in it.

My heart broke every day as I watched the news and video of what was happening to our seniors, our sick, our most vulnerable all over the country/ world. It became so difficult to watch that I no longer watch news of any kind. The negativity and fear it breeds are incomprehensible to many.

I started having difficulty with depression myself. I have Lupus and when you think about what this virus could mean to someone like me. A person of any age with a compromised immune system well let's just say it scared the heck out of me and my husband. So much so that my husband Darwen suffered two minor heart attacks this past summer from the stress of all this and worrying about my health.

Okay, moving forward we had to ensure that our health was not going to take a hit because of our business. Helping people with their health issues was no excuse to ignore our own health. Kick in the butt noted, acknowledged and the challenge accepted. There must always be something to challenge your mind as a whole in order for you to grow into who you are meant to be.

So as the journey for both of us began. So did the realization that we needed to recreate our world to achieve what we most desired. To continue to help as many people as we can with their health issues ( pain, anxiety, addiction, chronic skin conditions, chronic illness. etc....) Teaching people they have a choice, that there is light at the end of the tunnel for people suffering from many different health issues from all walks of life. To continue to inspire and empower people when it comes to their health.

We don't know what 2021 will bring. I know that we will face it together and continue our dream into the future. I know that we will face it as a couple, a community, a country, and as a people. We are Canadian Proud and Free. Blessed to live life on our terms. So until we meet again in this world or the digital one may your life be healthy and pain-free and if you need us we will be here continuing our dream of a better healthier life for everyone.

Thank you to all the people who have acknowledge and inspired us. Motivated and uplifted us and continued to support us through these difficult times. We are so very grateful and truly blessed to have such incredible people as family and friends.

Saying Goodbye to 2020 and a big Hello to all of what 2021 has to offer.

Yvonne & Darwen Briscoe

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