As the Year comes to an end

As I look back on this year I am filled with gratitude for the many people that have come into our little store . We have been blessed with being able to help people from all walks of life discover a pain free life . To See people come to the store in so much pain and walk out with the Relief they so desperately need is nothing short of a miracle to me .

This path has given both my husband and I a purpose in life . Something we both believe in that brings so much joy into our lives that it seems like there is no way there could be any more but there is. Finding our passion together has not only given us both a purpose in life it has given us a direction that we choose to travel together.

Living a life of gratitude with the love of my life has been life changing on every level . We have discovered the more we do to help others brings about such a positive change within ourselves that before you know it we are sharing it with as many people as we can .

We did not get into this to get rich off one person. We got into this because we are both chronic pain sufferers that did not want to use pharmaceuticals because of the increasing number of other health issues that were developing due to the continued use of pharmaceuticals. Which I do believe have a valid place in medicine , however not to make money of people who are sick and or dying.

If we continue to allow ourselves to be used as walking experiments there will be no end to the sickness that we suffer world wide. Make a Healthy choice when it comes to your life . Always research as much as you can as education is key . Knowing your body and learning how to listen to it is an absolute must . We must strive for change , to move forward in life in a responsible and healthy way on all levels .

Thanks for your time