Covid-19 Update

It's here, the second wave. This month has been so very difficult for so many people as the numbers have been rising steadily in our community. Every day we all watch as more people are isolated and as more tests are coming in positive. We still have a very small amount of cases when we look at the big picture, however it is still very scary for everyone in the community.

Here at Natures Reality we understand the stress and the fear of the unknown. This is why we are reaching out to say you are not alone. Every day we have the opportunity to speak with people whether through our plexiglass partition or over digital services and we hear many similar stories. Today the numbers are high, and today we have heard that here, in Renfrew County, we have had more cases in September than the previous 4 months combined. Moving forward we will try to keep you up to date on what is happening here at Natures Reality and how we can help you to cope during this trying time.