Dar’s Journey Part 2

So our Journey Begins. Those first days were a little crazy. Researching all kinds of stuff, everything from, Essential Oils, Medical Cannabis (CBD), Hemp Derived CBD, Micronutrients, Terpenes, what are terpenes? The more we researched the more questions we found.

Suddenly there was a wealth of information at our fingertips. We just needed to know where and what to look for.

Believe me when I tell you we have researched, let’s just say we went a little crazy. The internet is a very useful tool when used properly …. lol.

We knew that we had to look at everything. Mind, Body, Soul and Energy and a few more things… The state of your Mind has a direct impact on your body, soul and energy. So why are these things being ignored in Western Medicine? This was the place to begin

We have all seen those little articles that say I cured myself by….? Well believe it or not we started to read those articles and there it was the answer we had been looking for. It was right under our noses the hole time.

Nature Provides the Cure

Helping People with Chronic Health Issues has been a lifelong passion for me. I have been surrounded by Chronic Illness many times in my life the difference this time, it was my life and my husband’s life that were being impacted.

Like many of you out there I neglected myself when dealing with my spouse/ partners Health Issues but that is a story for another time.

During this frenzy of knowledge seeking our youngest son came to us with a magazine… A High Times magazine, I know right!!!! Not what we would expect to find. Another piece to our puzzle in a High Times Magazine. This time the knowledge did not come from the internet but from our youngest Son.

Funny who the messengers are, and in what form they may come in when you are asking for a miracle…

Can You Believe It? Nature, Provides the Cure

It was time for us to really open-up our minds to the many possibilities that lay ahead for us on this road to recovery.

There was an article in this magazine about this machine that could help you make Candy (edibles) using medical marijuana. We looked at each other and we could see the wheels turning in each other’s eyes.

We continued to read and learn more. Edibles made with CBD & THC seemed like the most logical solution for us. Then we had to decide what we were going to make and how many combinations would we make.

Now bear in mind, the use of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) was Necessary in order to overcome the effects from the with drawl of Opioid use. Dar found a way to increase the Strength of the THC high enough that it would allow some one to go through the with drawl process without using anything with Chemicals, Chemical Processing or Pharmaceuticals of any kind.

Something we are both very proactive and passionate about is educating people in our Community about Medical Marijuana THC/CBD and Hemp derived CBD and the many uses and benefits of it.

Living in a rural community it can be difficult to access the information you need when it comes to your health and the alternatives that are available to you simply because there is no one to tell you about it.

Many Rural doctors are really set in their ways. It was very difficult to find a Doctor that was willing to go down this path with us. It Simply wasn’t heard of unless you were in the know. (Part of a self-sustaining community that believed nature provided the best medicine)

We looked at all the information we had collected and decided what the best course of action for us at that time would be.

Here are our guidelines (protocols) we set up for ourselves. A step by step if you will.

1. Purpose: To find the Best Pathway to Recovery without the use of Pharmaceuticals for People with Addiction issues

2. To Achieve and Maintain a Healthy and Positive Balance in all Areas of Life

3. Getting to the root cause of the addiction… IE: Chronic Pain, Depression, Lack of Self Worth… That are many reasons why someone ends up on the road to addiction, it is never as simple as it seems.

4. How can we Design our Personal World to be what we Need it to be in order Succeed and Move Forward in our Daily Lives?

5. Teaching the right Protocols to Achieve the Success you need to Move Forward in Life.

6. Provide Continual Support with Compassion, Empathy and Understanding of what Addiction Really Is

7. The Four Areas of Life and how this Approach Helped us Move Forward

Mind – Body – Soul - Energy

As with the Seasons of our World There are 4 Basic Truths of Life

· If the Mind is not Balanced, then Nothing else can be

· If the Body is Tired and the Mind is Weary you are not balanced within yourself

· If the Soul is Tired and the Body is Weak, then you Covet Fear to much and are not Connected to Source

· If your Energy is Dark and Grey, then So shall Everything Else Be

What are the Step’s We Need to Achieve Our Goals?

A 100% Commitment to Yourself and Your Road to Recovery

1. Use 100% all-natural Ingredients

2. Zero Pharmaceutical products used to Design Protocol

3. Best Method of Delivery for Each Individual

4. What would the concentration of THC & CBD have to be to overcome the side affects of opioid withdrawal?

5. What Other Organic Components Do or Will We Need other than THC/CBD?

6. Education on the Human Body and what it Needs to be Healthy and Balanced

7. Education on the Human Mind and what it is Capable of

8. Education on the Soul and How to Stay Connected

9. Education on How to Balance and Maintain a Positive Energy Flow

10. How to Maintain and Live a Healthy Balanced Life on all Levels

11. Learning that you Always Have a Choice

12. Ownership of Self and All that Entails

13. Acceptance on All Levels

14. Forgiveness on All Levels

A little more Complicated than You Originally Thought?

Addiction is Never One Person’s Struggle

It was Time to take a very hard long look at our lives and see what we needed to do to change the direction we were going. I say we because addiction is never one person’s struggle.

I Know what I am Saying seems Very Overwhelming for Many of You that Suffer with Addiction.

Addiction is a Struggle of the Mind and the Overwhelming Need to Feel in Control of some part of your Life even if it Impacts yourself and Others in a Negative way.

Learning that the Battle between Mind and Body is a Constant unless You make the Choice to Truly Love and Accept Yourself.

I have Pondered over these thoughts these many years after watching my brothers well my entire family go through various addiction issues. Now was the Time to put All these Things into Place.

I know that many of you understand what I am Speaking Too. Addiction comes in Many Forms and as such we have Endured.

Thank You for Taking the Time to Read my Article. I hope it Helps Those that Need it.

Stay Tuned for the Next Installment of Dar’s Journey Part 3

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