Dar's Journey Part - 3

Where were we? Ah yes, we had our protocol outlined in detail.

However, we still needed to create a delivery method for our protocol. After many many discussions, we decided on a Caramel candy of all things. ( Simple to make only a few ingredients ).

A slew of trial batches with different flavors began in a variety of combinations of THC and CBD. It took a bit but we finally found a winning combination that worked really well for Dar.

We spoke with Dar's pain specialist who suggested we reduce the strength of the pain med's as Dar began taking the infused caramels that we had created with a high concentration of THC combined with A Medium dose of CBD. We also had to source out the right type of Cannabis to use. There are so many strains that it can be a little confusing. Again it came down to research. Being mindful of any and all other health issues were of paramount importance to the success of the protocol. The protocol could not worsen the symptoms of any other health issues was paramount. That the protocol would work to aid in the healing or lessoning of other health issues. We chose caramels because sugar is something that is easily absorbed into the body, maybe not the healthiest of choices but it worked. The protocol was slow starting as the point was to make the transition as symptom-free as possible. Some of the symptoms are:

Headaches, nausea, crawling skin, fidgety, insomnia, lack of appetite, stomach, and bowel issues, lack of focus and concentration, feelings of worthlessness, self-hate, anxiety, depression, and so on.

These drugs can take your mind to places you would never think possible. Fear and anxiety become central to everything you do, it takes control and robs you and the ones you love of your quality of life and overall health.

Dar the doctor and I took the long way around. We felt the slower the better, more manageable symptoms, longer adjustment period, and no need for Methadone when all is said and done.

It was seven and a half months before Dar was opioid-free. Throughout the process, his body noticeably started healing. First, his color started to come back, then he started to have an appetite and gain weight.

We were finally on the road to recovery.

There were ups and downs during the withdrawal process, he was not completely symptom-free just that the symptoms were reduced to a much more manageable level. There were still mood swings, not as many or as severe. It took a while for his stomach to get back to normal but when it did everything else seemed to follow. Bowels, Hair, Teeth, Bone Density, Skin, and Nails all started to get healthier, sleep was still a little difficult but again manageable. At the end of that seven and a half months, I had my husband back, Pharmaceutical, and Opioid free.

In the midst of all this Dar had found a purpose in life that gave and continues to bring great joy into both of our lives. Helping people to live a better quality of life using what God gave us to heal ourselves and others.

Our Journey Has Just Begun

This article and /or any information included in it is not meant to replace any medical advice or the advice of your physician.

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