Essentials on the Go

Essentials on The Go

Hemp & Epsom Salts Infused Soap,

Refreshing & rejuvenating. Our Soap helps to balance body ph, removes dirt and oils from your skin. Leaving your skin silky smooth fresh, clean and vibrant for the busy person on the go.

Hemp Infused Lip Balm

Leaves your lips hydrated and kissable while providing protection from the elements, great for cold sores.

Hemp Infused Anti-Itch Cream

This incredible cream Hydrates the skin, helps to balance your skin's ph level. Helps to protect against the elements and leaves your skin feeling like silk. May help with general aches and pains.

Hemp Infused Tender Tootsies Foot Bombs

Tired of those sore aching feet, standing all day or on the go, then you have to try some magic in a foot bomb. These Incredible foot bombs are a little piece of heaven. Just drop one of these into a foot bath and soak away your tired aching feet and legs. The longer you soak the better they feel.

A tree of Life Chakra Necklace to help align your chakras. There you have it "Essentials on the Go" for the busy person in your life.

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