Follow Dar's Story as We Take You on a Journey to a Achieving a Better Quality of Life ...

Hi Everyone I would Like to Introduce My Husband and the Creator of Natures Reality Botanical Blends, Dar Briscoe. This is a picture of my husband Dar in 2014 and as you can tell he looks quit Sick.

Follow Dar's story as we take you on a Journey of Self Love Self Care and an Unbeatable Determination to live an Opioid and Pain Free Life....

His Journey began in 2006 with what was supposed to be a short routine surgery to remove 18" of his sigmoid colon due to diverticulitis. The surgery turned into an 8 1/2 hour nightmare when they found several perforations in his large intestines. It was a miracle that he was alive period. The Doctors went about removing 3 1/2 ft of his Large Intestine as well as the 18" of sigmoid colon along with a large flap of scar tissue. The scar tissue in this case is what saved his life as it covered the perforations in his intestines preventing a slow toxic leak into the body. He woke up with a temporary ascending illi-ostomy. A Bag that would bypass the bowel and allow his intestines to heal and then it would be reversed after 4 months. Imagine waking up with a bag attached to you. During the time from the initial surgery to 2012 Dar went through a series of blockages, high fevers, white blood cell counts out of whack and ongoing chronic pain. Fast Forward to 2012 and Dar had been going for his regular checkups, colonoscopies to ensure that everything inside was okay and that things were healing properly. To check for Scar Tissue and anything else that could create more or worsening health issues. Dar still had not found the relief he so desperately wanted/needed. What we discovered was that after 9 colonoscopies the doctor had perforated his abdominal wall until it looked like swiss cheese. Crazy Right? Not so much, it would seem this is more common than one would think. Scary as hell !!! Especially because they have an alternative to this invasive procedure (Ultra Sound Technology) that has been proven to be more effective.

He started to pass a lot of blood at work one day. ( Thank goodness he worked at the hospital as a Dietary Aid or he would be dead). No Question about it. So up to emergency surgery where they discovered all the perforations. There was no question about it, they had to replace my husbands Abdominal Wall with Mesh from Mid abdomen all the way around to his spine. Without this surgery there was nothing to hold his organs in place. Due to the nature of the surgery (emergency)my husband was left in such severe Chronic Pain he could barely move. Unable to work, lift, pick things up, unable to eat or sleep properly even going to the bathroom had become so painful that it changed the person he was. When you take away the part of a person that allows them to be a contributing member to society. Do there part to support the family, be a Dad/Mom a Husband/Wife or any man or woman it can be devastating. Dar was now living in so much pain he could not think, eat, sleep or function in a normal capacity and that is no way to live. We requested a referral to a pain specialist and after Two years he finally got into a Pain Management Centre and was so excited at the prospect of finding any kind of relief he could.

The Picture is of my husband Dar a Chronic Pain Sufferer who was on a Schedule of very Heavy Duty Pain Killers ( Opioids; Dilaudid, Hydromorphone and a weekly 100 mcg Fentanyl Patch that he changed every two days ) and Spinal Blocks all to take care of his Chronic Pain. Slowly over the years I watched helplessly as the man I had married wasted away to 174 lbs at 6'3" with a large body frame. He was always a big man, my hands could hardly reach around his chest to give him a hug. This was not a Life but a Life in Pharmaceutical Limbo.

Every day became a routine of Pills. Pills to help him sleep as the pain was to much. Pills to help him go to the Bathroom because all the other Pills created severe constipation. It was a vicious cycle waking up taking these Pills and going back to "sleep" or a version of sleep. Never actually getting the rest that he needed. As time went on the dosages had to be increased. Stronger Medication was Needed to combat the Pain. That being said how much Stronger would he need to go before he got the relief he desperately needed and at what cost to his Overall Health and State of Mind. After Five Years of Suffering Dar had decided he could no longer keep going like this and made the choice to find an Alternative to Traditional Pharmaceutical Pain Management.

This is where his Journey of Self Love and a Sincere Desire to Live an Opioid and Pain Free Life began. Dar has found a Calling in Helping other People to Live a Pain Free Life and it has become our Mission to Help as Many People as We Can. Stay on the Lookout for the next Installment of our Journey to Pain Relief.

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