Ladies Can we talk... Healthy Skin

Healthy skin is a must and trying to keep it that way can be a daily chore between the cold winds creating dry and cracked skin. Then there is the pollution that wreaks havoc on your skin and hair and well anything else that is exposed to the elements. Then there is makeup, don't even get me started on what that does to our skin. Having all theses issues myself I developed a daily routine using only 2 of our Natures Reality Botanical Blends products that have been working wonders for women of all ages. So I thought I would share it with all of you.

My Morning & Nightly Facial Cleansing Routine

Glycerin and Epsom Salt Soap with Our Classic Cream Naked for Young Women age 14+

Glycerin and Epsom Salt Soap with Our Classic Cream Plus for Women age 40+

Step 1 - Wash your face with our wonderful Soap morning and nightime. Yes I said Soap. With lukewarm water lather your soap up using a face cloth, scrubby, facial brush etc... Rinse thoroughly. Our Soap is 100% all natural and leaves your skin fresh, clean and revitalized stripping away all the buildup without drying out your skin. Leaving a healthy glow to your skin.

Step 2 - Apply a small amount of our Natures Reality Botanical Blends Classic Cream Plus to your face and neck to help smooth out those fine lines, wrinkles, scars, age spots, adult acne and so much more leaving your skin silky smooth, radiant and looking younger. 100% all natural our creams help to nourish the skin while leaving it with a luxurious feel that is 100% non- toxic and safe for skin of all ages.

I have had such amazing results following my Daily Cleansing Routine and my skin is the proof.

Yvonne Briscoe

Natures Reality Botanical Blends

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