Period Cramps!!!!

Just about all women have experienced Period Cramps but for some women this can be days upon days of excruciating pain. The kind of pain that drops you to the floor. Sure there are a million and one pills that a girl can take for this but is that what you really want? Many women are looking for alternatives to the more conventional use of chemicals and synthetic products when it comes to their bodies. Given a choice women are moving towards a happier healthier way of life that is not dependant on chemical filled personal body products.

That being said our Natures Reality Botanical Blends Classic Cream Ultra combined with our amazing Bath Bombs have been a godsend to many women who suffer from this kind of pain every month. Soaking up all those Botanical Oils throughout your whole body brings much needed relief. Relaxing your muscles and bringing you to a new level of comfort and pain relief.

When you are done soaking up all that goodness pat yourself dry and apply a small amount of our Natures Reality Botanical Blends Classic Cream Ultra to your lower abdomen and lower back allowing it to absorb completely before getting dressed. Allowing you to continue with your life.

Our products are a 100% all natural, chemical free, preservative free, Non Gmo, Vegan Friendly, Ethically Sourced and Cruelty Free.