Psoriasis will it Ever Go Away?

Better known as the scourge of the skin. Persistent , Never Ending Itch, Flaking Cracked skin that can be raw to the touch. I along with many others have suffered with Psoriasis from a young age.

My Skin has always been very important to me so when I started having problems with Psoriasis I was Horrified, Embarrassed, I would not wear short sleeves as most of my Psoriasis was on my lower arms, elbows and hands, right there out in the open for everyone to see. People would stare at me as if I had three heads on days when it would flare up. My arms and hands were very red and angry looking and they would split open causing pain and bleeding whenever I would move them. I tried just about every cream out there with no long term success and in alot of cases it made it worse. When I started to read what was in all theses creams it scared the heck out of me. Alot of the words were very long and I could not pronounce them let alone understand what they were. It is both enlightening and scary when you start to read the side effects that come with many of these product's. Long story short I started looking elsewhere for the relief I needed. After much research my husband in developing our products found a way to help my skin heal without the use of the expensive chemicals and prescription medications. No more Steroid Creams, No more creams and lotions of any kind unless they were an all natural product. I needed a cream Rich in Botanical Oils that is All Natural to give my skin the nourishment it so badly needed to be healthy again.

( Our skin is the largest organ of the human body). By combining 100% All Natural ingredients with our proprietary blend of Botanical Oils we found a Winning Combination.

Now I have told you about our incredible Glycerin and Epsom Salt Soap and our Classic Cream Plus in the picture below. That's right the same Cream and Soap I spoke about in my previous blog. " Ladies can we talk Healthy Skin"

What Incredible products these Creams and Soaps are. No More Psoriasis for me