Snow Day!!! Pain & Inflammation Day???

I don't know about you but today is just one of those Days for Me and anyone Suffering with Chronic Pain and Inflammation. Others it is the days leading up to the storm that can Cripple them with Pain and Inflammation. Like all Chronic Pain sufferers this is not something that is always visible to others which brings with it Depression and Anxiety because others do not always understand what it means to deal with this kind of Pain on a Daily Basis or how badly it impacts our day to day lives. Simple weather changes can turn your world upside down let alone a Major Storm of any Kind. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall.

Learning to listen to your body all over again is something that is required by many people in order to deal with these kinds of health issues.

This is not just limited to people with Joint Issues. It affects Migraine sufferers, anyone with AutoImmune Diseases, people with Phantom Limb Pain, Head Injuries and so many other Health Issues. We need to get to the root cause of all of this but in the meantime there are things we can do.

Paying attention to the weather when one is going through a flare or something they have not encountered before with there health it is very important. Often there can be Natural Solutions found for many that suffer this way. Paying Attention to What we are Putting into Our Bodies.

We have moved so far away from Natural Medicines with the use of pharmaceuticals for every little ache, pain, sniffle and cough that we have actively played apart in compromising our own Immune Systems. I know it seems like alot but keep a journal and document things even small changes as it will help you to understand your body better. Be ProActive when It comes to you and your health.

What do I do on Days like today. The first thing I do is to run a nice hot bath, Put one of our 25 different Natures Reality Botanical Blends Bath Bombs. I soak away my Pain , allowing my body to soak up all those Botanical Oils over my entire body. When I am done Soaking I pat dry then apply a small amount of our Classic Cream Ultra to those more Painful areas for that extra Pain Relief. Put on my comfiest PJ'S and cuddle up with a good book or watch a movie. Anyone having to work or go to appointments will find they are able to do so with far less overall discomfort.

Anyone who has tried our Bath Bombs will tell you that they are a wonderful addition for Pain Inflammation and Stress Management . Allowing your mind and body to Relax and sleep. Waking up without any groggy side effects and your skin will feel incredible.

This is my Routine for Days Like Today. Try it , you only have Pain and Inflammation to lose.

Stay Warm . Stay Safe . Be Pain Free . Until Next Time


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