Natures Reality Botanical Blends, All-Natural Mineral Sun Protection Cream was created to feel silky smooth to the touch, hydrating to the skin while providing all-natural Sun Protection on a cellular level. By combining Shea butter with a natural SPF of 6, Organic Coconut Oil with a natural SPF of 8, Raspberry Seed Oil With a natural SPF of 40 and Non-Nano Zinc Oxide Powder with a Natural SPF of 70, Aloe Vera for its healing and Natural SPF of 4, Full Spectrum Hempseed CBD Oil, this oil has natural sunscreen ingredients and an SPF of 6 together to make this one- of-a-kind All-natural Mineral Sunscreen. Safe for both Adults and Children. No more pesky chemicals with great UVA/UVB protection.

CBD All-Natural Mineral Sunscreen 8oz