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Our products here at Nature's Reality Botanical Blends created with hemp seed oil have been known to help with chronic pain caused by inflammation, migraines, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, arthritis, M.S, anxiety, panic attacks ( can bring physical pain ), sleep issues and just about anything else you can think of . All our products are made in Canada by loving hands . They are all cruelty free , paraben free, and all natural colors with no preservatives.


 I suffer back and neck problems due to my C7 vertebrae. A friend of mine had some of your cream and she rubbed my neck down. She said I could be a few hours without any pain (I would do anything for 30 minutes of being pain free). I went two and a half days without any pain. So I went and purchased the cream for myself. I used it several times, and up til today, I haven’t used the cream in almost 3 weeks. My neck and back feels amazing. I also used it for migraines, it helps with my diabetes when my feet burn and tingle. I have also used it for my “monthly lady time” cramping, just by rubbing a little cream in my belly and it worked like a charm. Within minutes I am literally pain free. I strongly recommend it. 

— Samantha Frost