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As the owners of Nature's Reality Botanical Blends people always want to hear about us. This is our story, this is Nature’s Reality.

We are Waylon Dupuis and Daniele Rousseau, we raise our four kids Savannah, Wyatt, Lydia, and Cordelia on our little homestead near the little Ontario town of Finch in the St. Lawrence Seaway Valley. You may have met us at a trade show or event, or maybe you’ve seen our line of Natural Health, Skin, and Aromatherapy products in a store. The purpose of our little homestead is to raise our children on food we trust, while teaching them to respect and love the land and animals that provide for us, as well as the techniques of survival as we know them. Without getting too personal , we hope to use this page to share with you not only the lifestyle but also some tricks and techniques we have picked up along the way. If you have something to share as well, please do. If there’s something you’d like to know more about, please ask. We hope you will enjoy the content.

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